Audio Labyrinthe, 2012 – older work

Audio Labyrinthe, 2012

‘Audio Labyrinthe’ is an interactive art installation (video with sound composition & interactive floor sculpture). Walking the ‘Audio labyrinthe’ ultimately encourages a call to action via meditative practices which foster self awareness.

The labyrinth is made up of braided debris so the viewer must walk through ‘garbage’ to meditate on the issue at hand- overconsumption and its affect on our environment.

‘Audio Labyrinthe’ encourages us to change our consumerist behaviour by recognizing what is discordant about our lifestyles.


The video segment was shot on location at Patricia Beach, Lake Winnipeg, a well-known mown-grass labyrinth at St. Benedict’s Monastery, a public art piece at Assiniboine park and the Skate board park at the Forks, Manitoba. The performers interact with their respective labyrinths by drawing, walking, cycling, and skateboarding. The sound composition was arranged from sounds gathered from The video will mirror the interactive labyrinth in the gallery.

The floor sculpture is made from sewn or woven ‘clean’ garbage and laid out as a labyrinth so that people can walk it in contemplation. The walk will be accompanied by the video with its sound composition.

Labyrinths are intercultural and have been found in cultures as disparate as Native American culture, (the Tohono O’odham

labyrinth), Goan cave art in northern India, and on a dolmen shrine in the Nilgiri Mountains in southern India not to mention throughout Europe.

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