Karen Hibbard

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Book Illustrator Presentation

Karen will briefly talk about the picture books that she has illustrated. In addition, she will bring in her published picture books, various rough and finished storyboards, final watercolours & pastels, art materials and manuscripts for show and tell.

She will talk about how she got started and what inspires her and her process of working. She has a prepared a Powerpoint presentation of different stages of sketching, researching and illustrating the manuscript to the final stage of executing watercolour and pastel on good watercolour paper.

Some fun interactive creative writing and drawing exercises will be presented.These are meant to give students a hands-on approach to writing and illustrating their own stories. There is time for a short question period.

Location Victoria, BC
Available National & Anytime. Karen is available for various activities such as: school visits and presentations, hands-on art workshops, illustration lectures at libraries, & residency programs. Fees will change depending on the activity.
Workshop Location Library, Schools
Grades Grade 6 and up
Audience size approx. 20-60
Illustrator Presentation Fees The recommended C.A.N.S.C.A.I.P. fees are $200 for a one hour visit, $500 for 2 sessions, $700 for 3 sessions and $1000 for 4 sessions (+ materials and transportation costs if applicable.)
Language English & French
Contact Info E-mail

Contes de Joujou     Ti Pinge

Published Works for Children
2010 Les Contes de Joujou, Les éditions Planète rebelle, 2010 ISBN: 978-2-923735-12-2
2007 Dada #131: Gustave Courbet, Les Éditions Mango, 2007 ISSN: 1261-4858
2006 Ti-Pinge (Bilingual Version), Les Éditions Planète Rebelle, 2006 ISBN: 2-922528-64-2
2006 Dada #123: Maurice Denis, Édition Mango, 2006 ISSN: 1261-4858

Participant 1  Storyboard   Participant 2

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