Karen Hibbard

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Artist Books

What is an Artist Book?
Artist books are works of art. They are considered one-of-a kind objects or 'uniques'.

What is a journal specifically used for journaling?
This could be an artist book in the sense it is personalized and unique. However, it has the express function of being used by the maker for writing that releases stress and promotes healing or self-development.

Location Winnipeg, MB
Available National & Anytime. Karen is available for various activities such as: school visits and presentations,  hands-on art workshops, illustration lectures at libraries, & residency programs.
Workshop Location Schools, Community
Grades Grade 6 and up
Workshop size approx. 20-30
Studio Fees These are slightly different from lecture fees. The Studio fees are $50 per hour of classroom instruction (minimum of $200 for a visit) plus the school pays for and arranges materials as well as transportation costs if applicable. Karen will offer guidance re: materials purchase.
Language English & French
Contact Info E-mail

Artist Book Samples

Artist Book Sample 1   Artist Book Sample 2   Artist Book Sample 3

Artist Book Sample 4   Artist Book Sample 5

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