Visual Arts

Audio Labyrinthe, 2012

Audio Labyrinthe

‘Audio Labyrinthe’ is an interactive art installation (video with sound composition & interactive floor sculpture). Walking the ‘Audio labyrinthe’ ultimately encourages a call to action via meditative practices which foster self awareness. The labyrinth is made up of braided debris so the viewer must walk through ‘garbage’ to meditate on the issue at hand- overconsumption and its affect on our environment. ‘Audio Labyrinthe’ encourages us to change our consumerist behaviour by recognizing what is discordant about our lifestyles.

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Debris/Détritus, 2012

Debris/Détritus‘Debris/Détritus’ is a video installation installation in which the main component is a video animation/”screen” soft sculpture. The video animation connects ‘green’ marketing campaign to current waste disposal practices, inviting viewers to critique our urban landscape by exposing the discrepancies between the shiny new product and the dirty trash it becomes. The projection screen for the piece is constructed from the very debris that the piece is critiquing. ‘Debris/Détritus’ continues my interest in patterns and pathological behaviours, focusing on the mixed message we receive daily to consume and to be environmentally responsible.

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Tralala, 2009 - 2011


‘Tralala’ hones in on pathological behaviours of consumption. Not in control anymore, we must adapt ourselves to the world we’ve created. The transgressions of the trolls are a more extreme version of our own behaviour. A constant cycle of consumption is the theme. Currently, I’m interested in recycling as a metaphor for life. The continual renewing, reusing and disposing of garbage is the focus. This links to my interest with psychological patterns and bio-chemical cycles. There is a holistic approach when everything in the equation is considered. How do we decide what is rubbish, damaged, worthless, waste, and garbage? The ‘dumpster divin’ project delves into the act of recycling or ‘curb shopping’, ‘garbage gleaning’, ‘trash picking and skally-wagging’.

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Ephemeras, 2009 - 2010

EphemerasWe are all creatures of habit and our daily rituals often go unnoticed until for some reason we are no longer able to do them. When we are gone, these are the imprints that speak volumes to those who lived with us and cared about us. Ephemeras is a series about visual “paths”, “patterns” and the “gestures” of daily ritual. The events being recognized are the unglamorous, the ignored, the seemingly invisible, the quiet, the constant and the pathological. We are constantly in flux, modifying ourselves and our surroundings.

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Bold & Baffling, 2009

Bold & Baffling“Emotional Porn” investigates the emotional “ups and downs”, noting the cycles, ensuing drama, and semi-resolution found in soap operas. Like sexual porn, the viewer is stimulated just enough to keep watching but not enough to be satiated. Soap operas use emotion as their raw material just as porn uses the body. The goal of the Bold & Baffling project is to map the emotional journey of the love addict in order to be able to recognize and assess the patterns.

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