Karen Hibbard

Karen Hibbard

CV English

Karen Hibbard is a print media artist with 5 years of teaching experience at the University of Manitoba (2007-2012). She completed a Masters of Fine Art from Concordia University.

In 2012, she will be working on her digital animation ‘Debris/Détritus’ in residence at CAMAC-Centre d’Art, France. Continuing with the theme of recycling, Karen offers metaphors for patterns of behaviour and environmental issues. Her work takes the form of installation and includes drawing, media arts, and sculpture.

Her work is included in many collections including Loto-Québec and La Banque Nationale du Canada. Her video work is distributed by Video Pool. Karen is represented by IMA Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

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Artist Statement

Karen Hibbard’s work links patterns with cycles of behaviour. She is exploring the disposable, ubiquitous objects and in reaction is repurposing such objects, while also exploring abstracted notions of disposability. Often formally independent of one another, works appear determined from an internal logic.

Her work is situated in the space between the real and  non-real or more specifically the irreal.  While the irreal is unreal, it is so in a very specific or unusual fashion, usually one emphasizing not just the "not real," but some form of estrangement from our generally accepted sense of reality.

She has produced work in a wide range of media including drawing, sculpture, photography and video and describes herself as a print media installation artist.

Looking for discrepancies within the work is a key to understanding the meaning. 

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