Misericordia Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2011

“It wasn’t an art class. It was a fun class!”
Dorothy, Senior in daycare, workshop participant

St. Benedict’s Monastery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Art of Listening’ workshop. From start to finish it was inspiring and fun: walking, listening, drawing, writing. Karen made it safe to experiment with colours, textures and materials, and then led us carefully through the steps of assembling the books. Everyone's books turned out so well!”
Margerit, Participant, ‘Art of Listening’ workshop

ArtCity, Family programming, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2011           

"Binding books with needle and thread, another new en-devour for most participants. Everyone left once again feeling very pleased with their works result!" The kids really enjoyed the new techniques, using the rollers and scratch techniques"
Janessa, Studio facilitator, ArtCity Artist Book Workshop

“My daughter worked very hard all night on her origami envelope and sound drawings, and is going to give her finished piece to ‘someone she loves’.”
Parent participant, ArtCity Artist Book Workshop

"It was really neat to see the kids drawing sounds. They started off drawing very figure based things (ie: cat purring = picture of cat) and then slowly developed into drawing more abstract forms, ie: cat purring = fuzzy line that moves to the frequency of purr."
Jessica, Studio facilitator, ArtCity Artist Book Workshop

As for my experience: I transcribed different sentences and words for a 6 year old participant, we then cut out the words and pasted them, as well as drawings into a book that she had painted and bound. When she was done she had a beautiful hand made book filled with a sort of absurd poetry she had created herself. It was really neat to see such a young participant who struggles with reading excited about her book, which she spent the rest of the workshop reading and talking about.
Toby Gillies, Studio facilitator, ArtCity Artist Book Workshop

University of Manitoba, School of Art, Drawing Studio I, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2011

“Karen allows the class to develop new skills and explore new media. The class was well-paced.”
Drawing Studio I student, University of Manitoba

“She challenged me to rethink my opinions and thoughts. Why do I think the way I do? I really appreciated the caring and extra time she spent talking to me. She talked to me like I was a real person and not just a student.”
Drawing Studio I student, University of Manitoba

“Karen is a very dynamic teacher! I would take a course with her again!”
Drawing Studio I student, University of Manitoba

Karen’s way of teaching is very interesting and what makes her class fun!”
Drawing Studio I student, University of Manitoba