Karen Hibbard has created custom artwork for book publications, editorial illustration and film and design projects. Contact Karen for all your illustration needs.

Editorial Illustration

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WEI Magazine

WEI Magazine, Women & Water, 2010 (left)

WEI Magazine, Women & Poverty, 2010 (right)

Women & Environments International (WEI) is a unique Canadian magazine, which examines women's multiple relations to their environments — natural, built and social — from feminist and anti-racist perspectives.


HERIZONS Magazine, Full-page Illustration, Digital, 2009

HERIZONS is a quarterly Canadian feminist magazine that delivers the inside scoop on the Canadian women's movement.

AMN Healthcare
AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare, Digital, 2007

AMN Healthcare is the nation's leading Healthcare Staffing and Management Services company.

Ottawa Magazine
Ottawa Magazine

Ottawa Magazine, Digital, 2007

Ottawa Magazine is a monthly publication covering current events, social issues, trends, lifestyle and culture in the Nation's Capital.

The Antigonish Review
The Antigonish Review

The Antigonish Review, Cover, 2007

The Antigonish Review is a literary journal containing short stories, poetry and articles from Canadian writers and also writers from around the world.

Film & Design

Theatre Direct
Theatre Direct

Theatre Direct, Season Poster, Digital, 2011

Theatre Direct is one of the country’s leading professional theatres dedicated to young audiences. Now in its 35th year, the award-winning company’s productions tour locally, nationally and internationally.

Evolve Festival
Evolve Festival

Evolve Festival, Digital Poster Sample, 2011

The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival is an annual 3-day summer celebration of music, culture, and social awareness. From its start in 2000 as a grassroots music and awareness festival featuring local bands, the festival has grown to showcase world-class performers from around the globe.

Downtown Winnipeg Biz
Downtown Winnipeg Biz, Gateway Banner Competition
Sample Banners, Digital, 2010

Winnipeg Biz 1   Winnipeg Biz 2    Winnipeg Biz 3    Winnipeg Biz 4
Jeremy Rafuse Productions

Opening credits for 'Sunday'
Jeremy Rafuse Productions, 2010

Karen Hibbard did the opening credits for the live-action film 'Sunday' by Jeremy Rafuse (writer/director/producer). The animated opening was created with Flash animation and later edited in Premiere Editing Suite.

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Pea & Pod
Pea & Pod, Illustrations, Pastel and Acrylic, 2009
Pea & Pod 1 Pea & Pod 2 Pea & Pod 3
Children's Carpet Samples
Children's Carpet Samples, Digital, 2006
Carpet Samples 1 Carpet Samples 2 Carpet Samples 3
Big Bang Animation
Sally Sally

'Sally Sally', Demo reel of TV series (in development), 2004
Big Bang Animation
Creative Producer: Jennifer Hibbard
Story and illustrations: Karen Hibbard