‘Debris/Détritus’ is a video installation installation in which the main component is a video animation/”screen” soft sculpture. The video animation connects ‘green’ marketing campaign to current waste disposal practices, inviting viewers to critique our urban landscape by exposing the discrepancies between the shiny new product and the dirty trash it becomes. The projection screen for the piece is constructed from the very debris that the piece is critiquing.

Debris 1 Debris 2
Debris 3 Debris 4
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The animation will be composed of ‘green’ icons such as; Recycling logos as well as images of discarded refuse- performing a choreographed dance together that is both mesmerizing and macabre. The looping animation will have an original sound composition by Ingrid Gatin (‘Ephemeras’ & ‘Tralala’).

“Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.” 

— Alfred North Whitehead, “Dialogues” (1954),
English mathematician and philosopher        

Debris 5    Debris 6

‘Debris/Détritus’ continues my interest in patterns and pathological behaviours, focusing on the mixed message we receive daily to consume and to be environmentally responsible. The amount of garbage and pollution being produced in the world is growing to the point of impacting global stability. We are dancing on the edge by adapting to current situations and deluding ourselves that this can continue. ‘Debris/Détritus’ equates ‘lifestyle’ consumption to a pathological behaviour.